Benoit Assou-Ekotto’s Hair to Win ratio

All season long, my fellow Spurs and I have been a bit superstitious when it comes to the hair of Left Back (and fan-favorite) Benoit Assou-Ekotto. Some think the bun is good luck. Others, my self included, believe it is the fro that holds the key to success. So with the help of some fellow Yids, I decided to crunch the numbers and figure out if Benny’s hair holds a key to success.

I looked at every game this season, to see what his hair was like, and the result of that game. Here are the calculations:

The finalized results were calculated to be a total of 24 games played. 12 in a bun, 7 in braids, and 5 with a fro. The results are shown above by percentage. As you can see, the highest dropped points ratio belongs to the braids, but we also suffered the most loses when it was in a bun. We remain undefeated with the hair in an afro, however.

Both of Benoit’s goals so far this season have come in winning results. However, one was with his hair in a fro (Newcastle) and one in the braids (Everton). So that result is inconclusive thus far.

Out of 5 games played with the Afro: Spurs have a total of 13 points, only dropping 2 in a tie to Liverpool. Having an 80% win rate, and a 20% tie rate.

Out of 12 games played with Benny’s Bun: Spurs have 19 total points, with 4 losses, and dropping only 2 points in a tie against Newcastle. Earning us a 59% win rate, 33% tie, and 8% loss rate.

Out of 7 games played in a braids: Tottenham has dropped 6 points to ties, and suffered 1 loss. With the braids we split tie and win rates at 43% each, and suffer a 14% loss rate. 

Though the results don’t say much as for whether or not my “Afro Theory or Relativity” is correct, we do in fact remain undefeated with the fro in. We have only 6 less points with it, in less than half as many games played than with the bun.

Take the data as you will, but always remember….Reverend Benny preaches for the win.


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  • 27 February 2012
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