and you ask why I hate the Europa League

We’ve won the u18 Champions Cup after a 1-0 final win against Benfica

wait apparently vampire weekend are spurs fans????



How our dumbass fans responded to selling Sandro

What good is a player if he’s out with an injury 75% of the time??

I told you Tottenham have the worst supporters


just so you know, Stambouli fee was agreed but Fiorentina also had a bid accepted. Montpellier announced a deal, but the player has to agree personal terms with a club. It could be us or Fiorentina…..or knowing our luck Chelsea will sign him on the way to his spurs medical. 


Tottenham must be mad

Why? Because we got 135m for 2 tremendous players? How upsetting.

As if Modric and Bale alone won the CL. Not Ronaldo, Isco, Di Maria, Xabi, etc

I’d say I’m excited for Liverpool to crash out in the group stages, but we all know they’ll get the easiest draw…

Future front 4 B-)

Should I tell you guys some transfer news or what? Beside Davies & Vorm since those are already quite public 

This match is too funny