‘I watched him for Denmark in 2011 and I rang Daniel Levy the day after and said that he needed to sign this boy, (eriksen)’ Sherwood said.

Why was he suggesting players to Levy TT ^ TT

Our scouting system needs revamp badly TT ^ TT

1. hes lying 

2. because he was a member of the board & was manager of the youth setup? he was fully within his rights to target youth players. he signed bentaleb, fryers, caulker, etc. it was his job. 

How good is Eriksen though dang

As much as I hate Sherwood, that quote is a hoax

Vlad? Who knows, mostly injured!
Capoue? Injured!
Paulinho? Sporadic playtime and out of position…and oh yeah, injured
Soldado?? Well ok but…poor guy
Lamela? Oh right he exists!!! In a perpetual state if injury apparently
Chadli? Pretty good but also sporadic and also injured
But don’t worry, guys! We have fuckin Bentaleb starting every single game

Literally the only good thing about this season is how good Eriksen is


Eh we haven’t done a tinychat in awhile.

You don’t even have to type the whole thing.



Don’t have to finish this one either….


The beast with the five foot vertical leap??


I woke up for once wtf…guess this means MATCHDAY TINYCHAT!




Christian Eriksen at Heathrow Airport

I bet that he’s going to Amsterdam

hes going for a ‘proper’ goodbye ceremony from Ajax, calm down

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